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I'm Alex Etling - an Actor & Creator in New York City. I'm always looking for new projects and ideas, so get in touch and let's make something!


BEST FEATURED ACTOR: With the most nominees of any category, this was a particularly tough decision. It came down to [REMOVED FOR OTHER ACTOR’S PRIVACY] and the touching performance of Alex Etling as “Alex,” the NYC hustler who falls in love with a movie star in The Little Dog Laughed at Off The Wall. [REMOVED FOR OTHER ACTOR’S PRIVACY] was great - but Etling reduced me to tears. So BEST FEATURED ACTOR goes to Alex Etling.
— "Best of 2009" OutOnline
As the hustler Alex, Alex Etling makes a seamless transition from jaded rent boy to vulnerable lover. And it’s this transition from being a wolf to being a sheep that will break your heart at the end of The Little Dog Laughed. The scenes where Mitchell and Alex are afraid to admit their feelings for each other and tentative and beautifully nuanced—and McWreath and Etling dance this dance on eggshells to perfection. It also helps that Etling often removes his clothes and that alone is well-worth seeing!
— F.J. Hartland, for OutOnline
In the “The Little Dog Laughed” Etling comes across best with sweetness and intelligence.
— Gordon Spencer, for WRCT and Pittsburgh Magazine
...Alex Etling in a terrific Off the Wall debut as the hired boy toy...
— Doug Shanaberger, for the Washington Observer-Reporter